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Gabion baskets Is Hexagonal Wire Netting, Gabion baskets in place before being filled with stone. This structure was to form the new spillway at the western end of the newly restored southern lake.-------Rib Lath

As an Expanded Metal Manufacturer, we produce Regular Expanded Metal, Flattened Expanded Metal, Expanded Metal Grating. Expanded Metal is made from sheets of solid metal that are slit and stretched with each stroke of the upper die, forming a raised diamond pattern.

Perforated Metal -----------------Filter element -----------chain Link Fence --------Wire Cloth

Anping County Huaxi Wire Mesh Co. is specialized in wire drawing, galvanizing and wire mesh weaving. With over 100 sets of production machines, first-class technology, excellent management system and R & D capability, we have won trust and praises from many customers. E-mail:sales@huaxi-wiremesh.com

Anping Xintong Wire Mesh Factory is engaged in production of Stainless Steel Insect Screening, Galvanized Square Woven Wire Mesh, Welded Wire Mesh, Crimped Wire Mesh and other wire products. E-mail:sales@insect-screening.com

Hebei Anping Hongli Wire Mesh Factory is engaged in production of wire, wire mesh and wire mesh processed products since 1990. E-mail:sales@wirenetting.com.cn

Anping Youzi Wire Mesh Factory : manufacturer o fwelded wire mesh, stainless steel wire mesh, and other wire mesh products.

Hebei Dongfang Hardware and Mesh Products Co., Ltd is one of the leading manufacturer of Stainless Steel Wire Mesh and Wire Cloth as well as other Woven Wire Mesh products in Anping, Hebei Province of China. E-mail : sales@df-wiremesh.com

anping Yongsheng Wire Mesh :Major products include, Welded Mesh, Galvanized Square Wire Mesh, , Stainless Steel Wire Mesh and Cloth, Brass Wire Mesh, Expanded Metal Mesh, Conveyer Belt Mesh, all kinds of Window Screen, also Galvanized Iron Wire and Stainless Steel Wire. E-mail:info@yongshengwiremesh.com

Anping Yaohua Wire Mesh Weaving Factory :is specialized in producing stainless steel wire mesh and aluminum alloy wire mesh for insect screening with a long history.
E-mail : info@yaohua-wiremesh.com

Hebei Kanglida Metal Net Co. : manufacturer and exporter of stainless steel wire mesh, brass, copper wire mesh and cloth, gal. square hole wire mesh and many other kinds. Email: info@chinawirenetting.com

Huarun Perforated Metal Factory : We mainly produce perforated metal, also known as perforated sheet, porous sheet, perforated screen or perforated metal panel. E-mail: sales@perforated-metal.org

Anping Wire Mesh Group Corporation , known as Anping County Feihe Wire Mesh Group Co., Ltd now, is a professional company engaged in production and sales of metal wire, wire mesh and processed products, combining wire drawing, mesh weaving and late processing together. E-mail:info@wiremeshgroup.com

Anping Wire Mesh Product Processing Factory : We produce galvanized wire cloth, welded wire mesh, welded panels, wire strainers, filter discs, wire mesh baskets and more. Export quality. Best price.

akunyuan wire mesh co.,Ltd. is engaged in producing and supplying series metal wire, wire mesh and wire mesh processed products. E-mail:sales@wiremesh-aky.com

Anping YuanTong Hardware Wire Mesh Co., Ltd.! We are the major manufacturer of iron wire for export, mainly Galvanized Iron Wire(electro galvanized wire and hot-dip galvanized wire), Annealed Iron Wire, Cut Wire, Wire Tie and black Iron Wire. E-mailto: sales@hardwarewiremesh.com

Anping ShengFa Metal Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. is an expert in woven wire mesh and processing of filter components and fittings E-mail:info@shengfa-wiremesh.com

Anhua Wire Mesh Machine Manufacturing Factory: is specializing in wire mesh machine design and manufacture. Our experienced and professional technicians can provide most cost-effective solution to customers. We mainly provide the following services:E-mail:sales@wiremeshmachine.org

Hebei Shuangan Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd : manufacturer of wire mesh,wire netting,wire cloth, welded wire mesh and stainless steel wire mesh ,filter cloth. E-mail:sales@hebeiwiremesh.com

Alida wire mesh Co.,Ltd. :Manufacturer of meatl Wire Mesh, Barbecue Wire Mesh, Brass Wire Mesh, Phosphor Bronze Wire Mesh, Aluminum Wire Mesh and more.

Sugezhuang Wire Mesh Factory offers iron wire series products, iron wire mesh series products & woven wire mesh in mild steel, stainless steel, brass and phosphor bronze. E-mail:sales@meshwire.cn

Anping Huacheng Wire Mesh Co. manufacturer specialized in producing stainless steel wire series products (including stainless steel wire and stainless steel wire mesh), steel wire series products (including galvanized steel wire, pvc coated iron wire, barbed wire), welded wire mesh series products

Transglobal metal products Co.,Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers in the line of wire mesh. It is located in Anping County, Hebei Province, which is the largest wire mesh manufacturing base in China. E-mail:sales@metal-mesh.com


AF(china) wire mesh factory is an ISO9001 qualified manufacturer of various industrial wire mesh products, mainly Stainless Steel Wire Mesh,Brass Wire Mesh,welded wire mesh. Email:sales@wire-mesh-china.com


Anping County Fengli Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of wire mesh products while emphasizing on production of Stainless Steel Woven Wire Mesh, Brass Woven Wire Mesh, Square Woven Wire Mesh, Crimped Wire Mesh, Barbecue Grill Netting, Welded Wire Mesh, Hexagonal Wire Netting, Insect Screening and other wire mesh products. E-mail:sales@metalwire-wiremesh.com

anping zhaotong wire mesh co.,
:Our main products are Stainless Steel Square Wire Mesh,Dutch Woven Filter Wire Cloth, Brass Wire Cloth,Phosphor Bronze Wire Cloth,Welded Wire Mesh,Iron Wire Mesh,Window screening,Galvanized Square Wire Mesh,Hexagonal Wire Netting,Galvanized Barbed Iron Wire,Galvanized Iron Wire,Expanded Metal Mesh, etc.

Anping XinXing Non-ferrous Metal Wire Mesh Factory: The main products include Nickel Wire & Nickel Wire Mesh; Nickel Chromium alloy Wire Mesh; Nickel Copper Alloy Wire Mesh; Molybdenum(Mo) Wire Mesh; Tungsten(W) Wire Mesh; Titanium(Ti) Wire Mesh; Resistance Wire, etc. E-mail:sales@nickelwiremesh.com

Sunlight Metal Product Factory is an enterprise engaged in manufacturing, processing as well as trading various kinds of iron wire mesh, and owns the advanced wire-drawing, galvanizing and net-weaving equipments.E-mail:info@sunny-wiremesh.com

Jiu-long Metal Wire Mesh Corporation :is engaged in manufacturing and supplying Hardware Cloth Series Wire Mesh including galvanized square mesh, mild steel wire cloth, stainless steel wire mesh and mosquito wire netting; Fencing Mesh Series including welded mesh, hexagonal mesh and diamond mesh; Mild Steel Wire Products. E-mail:info@jiulong-wiremesh.com

Anping Blue-Star Metal Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd
. has expanded from the original small workshop with only several wire mesh weaving machines into a professional company engaged in wire drawing, wire mesh weaving, wire mesh processing and sales with over 280 employees working for it. E-mail:sales@wirecloth-mesh.com

Anping DongRun Wire Mesh Product Factory is a manufacturer of various coarse wire mesh, hardware wire cloth, fine wire mesh and superfine wire cloth.E-mail:sales@wiremeshandwirecloth.com


hengsheng Wire mesh Co.,Ltd.

Peace Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd: supplying fine quality wire and wire mesh products for filtering, sieving, fencing, building and other industries, and has grown to be a source of woven wire mesh to the global market.

Anhua Hardware & Mesh Products Co., Ltd : manufactures and exports a variety of metal wire mesh and cloth, as well as conveyer mesh belt, polyester mesh, sieve mesh, and wire mesh machines.

Anping Huan Yu Stainless Wire Mesh Factory is specialized in weaving stainless steel wire mesh and industrial wire cloth for fine filtration and sieving use. E-mail : info@hy-stainlesswiremesh.com

Anping Jinke Wire mesh
:manufacturer of wire mesh filter discs made of stainless steel wire mesh, brass wire mesh,black wire cloth, etc. E-mail : sales@jinkewiremesh.com

Anji Wire Mesh Co., Ltd . - manufactures stainless steel woven wire mesh, brass wire mesh, and steel iron wire mesh and cloth products.

Hebei Tianxing Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd :manufacturing of various metal wire mesh, also supply metal wire products.



Anping Great Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd. :Its main products are as following: series of stainless steel wire cloth, series of welded wire mesh, series of hexagonal wire mesh, series of brass and red-copper wire mesh and cloth, various kinds of window screening, galvanized square-hole meshes, chain link fence, high-way and railway fences, barbed wire, wire mesh artworks and deeply-processed products.

Anping Wanlida Hardware Wire Mesh Co. is a chief manufacturer and exporter stainless steel wire mesh ,welded wire mesh,Iron wire mesh series,expaned metal series,wire series,brass wire mesh series.

Anping BoTeng Wire Mesh Co., Ltd : offers stainless steel wire mesh and wire cloth, brass wire mesh and wire cloth, metal square wire mesh, etc.

Anping County XiangHe Metal Wire Mesh Factory is experienced in wire mesh production, design and wire processing, while focusing on producing full range of metal wire mesh products .

Hebei Zhengxuan Wire Mesh Factory: PVC Coated Iron Wire

Anping Anda Wire Mesh Factory : include Wire Mesh Barbecue Grill, Crimped Wire Mesh Sheet, Welded Wire Mesh in Pieces, Welded Wire Mesh in Rolls , etc.

Anqi Wire Mesh Producing Factory : Manufacturer of Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, Barbecue Wire Mesh, Brass Wire Mesh, Phosphor Bronze Wire Mesh, Aluminum Wire Mesh and more.

ZhongDa Metal Wire Mesh Producing Factory is mainly engaged in the production and sale of wire mesh and netting products including Galvanized Square Wire Mesh, Welded Wire Mesh, Hexagonal Wire Netting, Iron Nails, other wire mesh and relative products

Anping Wanda Wire-Drawing and Mesh-Weaving Co.,Ltd : specializes in wire drawing, galvanizing and wire mesh weaving, mainly galvanized iron wire, welded iron wire mesh, galvanized square wire mesh, other iron woven wire mesh, stainless steel wire, stainless steel wire mesh, crimped wire mesh, for more: http://www.wiremesh-wanda.com . E-mail: sales@wiremesh-wanda.com

HuaYang Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and exporter of wire mesh and screen products in Anping, Hebei Province, China. We have rich experience in weaving stainless steel wire mesh, wire cloth, brass wire mesh, phosphor bronze wire mesh....... http://www.mesh-wire.com

Ansheng Wire Mesh Product Co., Ltd . specializes in manufacture and export of metal wire, wire mesh and filter element products. Our main products are nickel wire, brass wire and stainless steel wire, with a diameter from 0.03mm to 2.00mm; nickel wire mesh, brass wire mesh and stainless steel wire mesh, from 1mesh to 500mesh per inch; industrial woven wire cloth, 5-heddle weave and other type

http://www.hy-wiremesh.com: Huanyu Hardware Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. include Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh, Galvanized Hexagonal Wire Netting, Galvanized Square Wire Mesh, Crimped Wire Mesh, Stainless Steel Woven Wire Mesh and Wire Cloth, Brass Wire Mesh and Wire Cloth, Phosphor Bronze Wire Mesh, Black Wire Cloth, Window Screening and other wire products.

Yaofa Wire Mesh : mainly offers various metal wire mesh, including woven wire mesh in stainless steel, mild steel, brass, phosphor bronze, aluminum and other metal, also welded wire mesh and other wire products. E-mail: sales@yf-wiremesh.com

Anping Fuhua Wire Mesh Co. : specializes in producing and exporting aluminum alloy wire mesh insect screening, galvanized iron wire mesh insect screening and razor barbed wire.

Anping Kangda Wire Mesh Factory : manufactures wire mesh and wire related products.

Anyang Wire mesh Co. manufacturer of stainless steel wire mesh, brass wire mesh,ect.
E-mail: sales@anyangwiremesh.com

Anping Yuandong Wire Mesh Factory - manufactures stainless steel and brass welded wire mesh, hexagonal wire netting, and other wire related products.
E-mail : sales@hebei-wiremesh.com

Anping County ShuangRui Wire Mesh Co., Ltd : supply include stainless steel woven wire mesh, welded wire mesh, square wire mesh, hexagonal wire netting, screen wire netting and various fine wire mesh for filters

Anping AnAo Aluminum Expanded Metal Factory : produces a broad range of Expanded Metal, mainly aluminum expanded metal, as well as Magnalium Insect Screening (Magnalium Wire Mesh) and Razor Barbed Wire products.

Anping Jian Wire Mesh Co. : specialized manufacturer of galvanized iron wire and gal. wire mesh.

Anhua Wire Mesh Co. Ltd. : provides various wire mesh products like stainless steel wire mesh, welded mesh and insect wire netting, also offer wire mesh weaving machine.

Anping Red Tower Industry Trade Co., Ltd :specialized manufacturer of razor barb wire (blade-gill wire net), expanded aluminum mesh, also screening mesh, barbecue wire mesh, supermarket goods shelves made of wire mesh.

Anping Red Star Wire Mesh Factory :is a professional manufacturer and exporter of wire mesh.

Anping Barbed Wire Factory is engaged in producing and distributing barbed wire, razor barbed wire, as well as various wire mesh fences.

Anping Fuhua Razor Barbed Tape Wire Factory : can not only provide razor barbed tape wire products, but also design to meet customers individual demands.

Hengshui Yu-King Hardware & Wire Mesh Company :manufacturer of metal wire mesh ,wire cloth,wire netting,and Barbed Wire ,Stainless Steel Wire ,Galvanized Iron Wire ,PVC Coated Iron Wire Soft Black Iron Wire ,Wire Mesh Processed Products.

Anping ChangSheng Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd. manufacturer of stainless steel wire mesh,welded wire mesh,brass wire mesh,

Tianpeng Mesh Industry Co . has been committed to providing quality Polyester Spiral Desiccation Mesh of different sizes, used in producing of paper, corrugated paper, paper for train fare and filtration and separation of air, liquid and solid in various fields.

Five-star metal wire mesh factory: :manufacturer of hexagonal wire netting,welded wire mesh,wire netting.

Anping YongSheng Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd. manufacturer of welded wire mesh,Stainless Steel Wire Mesh and Cloth, Brass Wire Mesh, Expanded Metal Mesh

Anping ZhongFang Wire Mesh Products Factory :
manufacturer of stainless steel wire mesh and metal square mesh.

Red star wire mesh factory :manufacturer of stainless steel wire mesh, barbecue grill netting and other metal and nonmetal wire mesh products, also wire mesh machines.

xinhui wire mesh: manufacturer of stainless steel wire mesh,brass wire mesh,welded wire mesh.
E-mail: info@xinhui-wiremesh.com

Anping Wire Mesh for Bed Factory is a leading manufacturer of black fireplace replacement screen mesh, woven wire mesh for bed and wire mesh scraper mat.

Anping Tieling Expanded Mesh Factory
: specialized in expanded metals, like expanded steel and expand aluminum, also supply other metal wire mesh products.


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