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  Square Opening Woven Wire Mesh
  Plain Dutch Weave Wire Cloth
  Twill Dutch Weave Wire Coth
  Reverse Dutch Woven Wire Cloth
  Five-heddle Dutch Woven Wire Cloth
  Stainless Steel Woven Bolting Cloth
Sintered Stainless Woven Wire Cloth


Anping Huan Yu Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Factory

Anping Huan Yu Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Factory is a professional weaver of stainless steel wire mesh and industrial wire cloth for fine filtration and sieving use. We Provide Stainless Steel Wire Mesh,Wire Mesh , Wire Cloth.Wire Mesh basic aperture ranges from 5.00 to 0.028mm (equivalent to 1mesh per inch to 500mesh per inch), also 3.5mm to 5mm (filter cloth 28# to 1250# of China National Professional Standard).
We produce woven wire mesh and filter cloth mainly in stainless steel wire as well as other metal materials including brass, phosphor bronze, nickel, mild steel.

This is a family owned factory. Mr. Wang Junwang, the director of this factory, is the committee member of China National Standard Technical Committee of Bolting Cloth, Sieving and Particle Separation, for his excellent knowledge of woven wire cloth.

Our skillful and experienced staff produce not only market grade woven wire mesh products, but also developed some special types for customers' choice. Our main products include square opening series woven wire cloth, Dutch Weave Filter Cloth, Bolting Cloth, etc.

Huan Yu is an expert in manufacturing square opening wire mesh, Dutch woven wire cloth and stainless wire mesh in special weaving patterns. We produce woven wire cloth and woven wire mesh in a variety of weaving types. Typical types include Plain Weave, Twill Weave, Dutch Plain Weave, Dutch Twill Weave, Dutch Reverse Weave, Five-heddle Weave. We also design some special weaving types to meet customers filtering and seperating needs.

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ADD - 340 Xinying Street, Chengdong Development Zone, Anping, Hengshui, Hebei, P.R.China 053600
TEL - +86-318-7528305