Wire Mesh Manufacturers (WMM)

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As China Hengshui Chamber of International Commerce, we mainly provides comprehensive informations about Hengshui City, favorable investment policies in this city, local manufacturers and  exporters, local products for export and so on.

Hengshui City: near Beijing and Tianjin, where Beijing-Kowloon Railway and Shide Railway meets, regarded by many Chinese economists as siting at Gold Cross.......

From the Government: Leaders from Hengshui Municipal Government pay much attention on Wire Mesh Manufacturers (WMM)....


  • Anping Fireworks Factory: Anping Fireworks Factory takes a lead of the display fireworks enterprises in China with a good reputation at home and abroad.
  • Art&Craft:

    Hengshui Art&Craft Factory:
    produce various snuff bottle,inside painted crystal balls,Christmas decorations,Christmas eggs etc.

    Hengshui Writing Brush Factory
    : Hengshui City is well known in China as Land of Writing Brush in North China. We offer over 270 kinds of writing brushes.

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