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Stainless Steel Balls for Ball Valves

  FROM Date:2007-05-28 Author :wiremesh

Stainless Steel Balls for Ball Valves

We mainly offer stainless steel ball valves, pipe fittings and stainless steel balls for making of ball valves.

Stainless steel balls, as accessories for making of stainless steel valves, are available in various sizes.
Materials: Stainless steel 304, 316, 304L, 316L.

Our balls are mainly used for making of stainless steel ball valves, one piece type, two piece type and three piece type.

Stainless Steel Ball Valves Series Introduction: We can provide stainless steel balls, ball valves of one piece, two pieces, three pieces, flange ball valves, also swing check valve, globe valve, gate valve and Y strainers.

One Piece Ball Valve

One Piece Reduced Port Ball Valve
One piece investment casting
Stainless steel ball valve screwed ends


1,Pipe thread in accordance with ANSI B2.1, BS 21 1973, DIN 259/2999
2,Blow-out proof stem/Reduce bore
3,Investment casting body and screwed
4,800 PSI (55 BAR) W.O.G./1000 PSI (69 BAR) W.O.G.
5,Materials: ASTM-A351-CF8M, ASTM-A351-CF8

Two Piece Ball Valve

2-Piece full port ball valve
Stainless steel
AISI-316(DIN 1.4408) (ASTM-A351-CF8M)
AISI-304(DIN 1.4301) (ASTM-A351-CF8)
Sizes: 1/4" to 4"
1,Pipe thread in accordance with ANSI B2.1, BS 21 1973, DIN259/2999
2,Blow out proof stem/full port
3,Investment casting body and cap
4,1000 PSI(69 BAR) W.O.G.
5,Locking device, Lug body 

Three piece ball valves

3-Piece Full Port Ball Valve
Stainless Steel AISI-316 (DIN 1.4408)

1,Pipe thread in accordance with ANSI B2.1, BS21 1973, DIN 259/2999
2,Locking device, Lug body
3,Blow-out proof stem/full port
4,Investment casting body and cap
5,1000 PSI(69 BAR) W.O.G./1500 PSI (103 BAR) W.O.G
6,Material: ASTM-A351-CF8M, ASTM-A351-CF8

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contact: Mr.Haijun zhao

For more information about our Stainless Steel Balls and Ball Valves, go to: www.yuandongap.com

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