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Wire Mesh Containers

  FROM Date:2007-05-24 Author :wiremesh

Wire Mesh Containers:

Electro zinc plated mesh wire cage for light applications. Fully collapsible and stackable.

Technical details

  • Collapsible wire mesh container.
  • Available in various standard sizes and dimensions.
  • Custom-made dimensions also available on request.

Collapsible Sheet Metal Container
Collapsible sheet metal container, for efficient storage and economical return transport.
Plastic Roll Container Shelf (Feil)
Metal reinforced plastic shelf, payload of 150 kg.
Custom-Made Container
Special steel-frame container designed for the transport of automobile radiators; individual fit to guarantee protection.

Technical Details of Wire Mesh Containers:

Stackable and collapsible, this very strong cage features a load capacity of up to 300 kg. An excellent solution for both industrial storage and goods distribution needs. Wire mesh containers provide considerable space savings on return transport.

Wire Containers: Weight  18 kg
Mesh Dimensions  50 x 110 mm
Load Capacity  of the Containers: 300 kg
Stackability  3 + 1
Material  electro zinc plate
Dimensions when Collapsed
(L x W x H)  580 x 860 x 240 mm
Wire Containers Exterior Dimensions (L x W x H)  580 x 860 x 680 mm
Internal Dimensions (L x W x H)  520 x 790 x 510 mm
Opening  hinged half-gate on 1200 mm side

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