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Welded Wire Mesh makes the majority wire material for fencing system. Usually electro galvanized or hot-dipped galvanized after or before weaving of iron wire. Together with fencing posts and related fittings, weld wire mesh provides strong and elegant fence for industrial uses. Welded wire mesh can be further processed into wire mesh shelves, stands, wire containers and other products for daily use.

Welded Wire Mesh Variety:
Welded wire mesh can classified into several kinds according to the wire material and surface treatment:
1, Welded before Hot-dipped Galvanized
2, Welded before Electro Galvanized
3, Welded with Electro Galvanized Wire
4, Welded with Cold Galvanized Wire
5, PVC Coated Welded Wire Mesh
6, Stainless Welded Wire Mesh
7, Welded with Reinforcing Bar (5-10mm, 2”-8”)
8, Welded with Cold Rolled Reinforcing Bar (5-10mm, 2”-8”)
Welded Wire Mesh Features:
Welded wire mesh offers better strength, integration and longer work time compared with other wire mesh products. Welded wire mesh is durable, corrosion resisting and firm in structure.
Finish of welded wire mesh can be PVC coated, sprayed, hot-dipped plated or electric galvanized.

Finish of welded wire mesh: Can be electro galvanized, hot-dip galvanized, PVC coated, or cut into panel fences.

Welded wire mesh materials: Mild steel wire, galvanized iron wire, stainless steel wire, etc.

Applications of Welded Wire Mesh:

•  Transport: Welded wire mesh is used as railway or highway fencing

•  Entertainment Facilities: Welded wire mesh is used as fencing for parks, sports field, sidewalks, etc.

•  Civil Use: Welded wire mesh is used as security & isolation fencing for pedestrians' pavement, transport center and other public places.

•  Agriculture and Forestry: Fencing for goats, horse fencing and fencing for farms and livestock.

•  Earth Surface Stability: Modern wire mesh containers made with welded steel wire are suitable for support of earth surface stability.

•  Mine Exploitation: Welded wire mesh is mainly used in coal mine working.

•  Construction: The reinforcement for concrete for plastering, chimney as well as scaffold protection netting.

•  Industry & General Use: Welded wire mesh is used for machine protection, cage for equipment, support for cable and pipe, cover for fans and ventilation devices, etc.

Welded Wire Mesh Panel or Sheets Variety:
Welded Mesh Reinforced Concrete Panel;
Welded mesh fabric for floor reinforcement. This kind of welded wire panels are mainly used for installation & fixing of heating pipes or cables; strengthening heat isolation sheet materials; and/ or increasing the load-bearing of the surface floor.
Welded Wire Mesh Panel for Reinforced Concrete Construction Application;
Welded Mesh for Light Concrete Construction;
Welded wire mesh sheets used in greenhouse for nursing of flowers, plants and vegetables;
Welded wire baskets, containers, welded wire cages, welded wire mesh displays and other welded wire products.

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12. Best Wire Mesh Co.

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Major Products: Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh, Galvanized Hexagonal Wire Netting, Galvanized Square Wire Mesh, Crimped Wire Mesh, Stainless Steel Woven Wire Mesh and Wire Cloth, Brass Wire Mesh and Wire Cloth, Phosphor Bronze Wire Mesh, Black Wire Cloth, Window Screening and other wire products.

Contact Info: No.7 Building 3,E District.Great Wire Mesh World, Anping, Hebei, P. R. China 053600
TEL: +86-318-7531348
FAX: +86-318-7531298
E-mail: info@hy-wiremesh.com
E-mail: mesh@hy-wiremesh.com

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