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    Welded Panels
    Variety: Stainless steel welded mesh panel, black wire mesh panel, galvanized iron wire mesh piece, PVC coated wire mesh piece, framed welded mesh panel.

    Use: Colorful welded mesh panels are the favorite products for exhibitions and sample shelf; common mesh panels are ideal for high new model buildings as separation mesh.

    Size: Can be supplied in panels flat or folded, also in rolls at width of 0.5m to 3m, length of 30m.

    Welded Panels
    Welded Panels
    Welded Panels
    Welded Panels


    Inch mm Wire Gauge mm
    1"X1/2" 25X12.5 1.2--3
    1"X1" 25X25 2.0--3
    2"X1" 25X50 2.0--4
    2"X2" 50X50 2.0--4
    3"X2" 50X75 2.0--5
    3"X3" 75X75 2.0--5
    4"X2" 50X100 2.0--6
    4"X4" 100X100 2.0--6
    5"X5" 125X125 2.0--6
    6"X6" 150X150 2.0--6
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