Galvanized Iron Wire

Galvanized iron wire applications: Galvanized wire is mainly used as Steel wool, Wire for Mesh, Spring wires, Rope wires, Wires for Weaving, Knitting wires, scrubbing wires, wire for control cable, wire for Telecom cable, wire for braiding hoses, wire for conveyor belts, Free cutting wires, Lashing wires, wires for welding, Tig and Mig wires, Nail wires, Spoke wires, Redrawing Wires, Industrial Stainless Steel wires, Wires for Constructions, Stitching Wire, Armouring Cable Wire, Staple Wire, etc.
Garden Tying Wire:
Green plastic covered wire suitable for light tying and training tasks .
Garden tying wire is on 50 metre coil pocket sized reel .
Galvanised (Galvanized) Tying Wire:
Fine galvanised wire suitable for many tying tasks
• 50 metre coil pocket sized reel
• Integral cutter
• Ideal for attaching hanging labels
Galvanised (Galvanized) Wire:
20m reel of galvanised wire, 2mm in diameter.
  • Ideal for supporting wall shrubs and climbers
  • Use between stakes to support chrysanthemums etc.
  • Longer lasting than green wire
Galvanized wire offers shiny surface soon weathers to a dull grey.
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