Filter Element Made of Woven Wire Cloth

As a kind of add-value wire cloth processed products, filter elements are used for pharmaceutical, chemical, microelectronics and industrial filtration.

Industrial metal filters can be made with woven wire cloth, sintered metal wire mesh or sintered fiber web as filter media, backed with stainless steel support sheet and meshes.

Varieties available according to types of fabricating:

Candle filter elements
Pleated filter elements
Cylinder(Pipe) filter elements
Stainless steel filter baskets
Stainless steel filter housing
Filter discs

Sizes: Various length and filtration ratings are available.

Filter Housing:

We offer several types of filter housing in stainless steel for chemical and electronic filtration. Types include ZM, MBF, activated filter, etc.

Filter Media Applied:

Stainless steel fiber sintered web;
Sintered metal mesh;
Stainless steel wire mesh.



High permeability;

Excellent corrosion, heat, pressure refining, and abrasion resistance;

High tension;

Uniform distribution of pores recycling accurate filtering;

Enlarged flow rate per unit area.


Stainless steel filter elements find popular application in high polymer industry, chemical industry,  petrochemical, oil paint refining industries, pharmaceutical and food industry, mechanical and shipping industries.


Leaf-Disc Filter Element


Filter Media:

The materials of leaf disc filter element are metal fiber sintered felt, multi-layer sintered wire cloth, metal sintered woven mesh.



Strength and durability

Wide filtration range and high flow rates

Adjustable filtration range


Application: Leaf disc type filters are used in filtration of polymer, production of film, purification of petroleum chemistry.


   1. filtration layers:sus316L;

   2. protective layer: sus316L, sus304                        

Filtering rate: 3-80μm

Porosity: 70-85%

Pressure balance: 120kg/cm2

Filtration direction: inside to outside.

About Us:

HEBEI FILTERS CO.,LTD is the production filter specialized factory. Which is a China-South Korea joint-venture. Has the advanced South Korean production technology. We produce the high quality product to start a career. As the enterprise, Improves the product quality, promotion research and development ability as our development direction. Company existing engineer and researches and develops personnel more than 20, has the advanced measuring instrument and the processing equipment.
We can research and develop the new product according to the market conditions and customer’s request. Our mainly products are filter media (mesh sintered filter), filter element (candle filter, disc filter, special filter etc) and filter housing. The quality is in the leading level throughout. Our company's product widely applies not only in the textile fiber, the roll film, the plastic, the drugs manufacture, food, and so on paint domains and so on high temperature field, but also sells in distant markets Europe and America, Asia and Africa and so on many countries and the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwanese area.
Facing the intense market competition, the company devotes to the refinement service, develops the whole staff to train, trains the international talented person, the transformation idea, consummates the enhancement, the strengthened practice, the adjustment strategy, transforms the native place superiority as strives for first the survival, latter strives for the development the core competitive power. Makes the company to preserve the stable development momentum in the new century,

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