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wire cloth ,wire mesh,Stainless Steel wire cloth,Plain Steel wire cloth,etc

Ansheng Wire Mesh Product Co., Ltd . specializes in manufacture and export of metal wire, wire mesh and filter element products. Our main products are nickel wire, brass wire and stainless steel wire, with a diameter from 0.03mm to 2.00mm; nickel wire mesh, brass wire mesh and stainless steel wire mesh, from 1mesh to 500mesh per inch; industrial woven wire cloth, 5-heddle weave and other type

Furit Wire Mesh Co.: manufactures galvanized welded wire mesh, galvanized square wire mesh, stainless steel wire mesh as well as others wires, more at: www.furit-wiremesh.com

Anping Wanda Wire-Drawing and Mesh-Weaving Co.,Ltd : sspecializes in wire drawing, galvanizing and wire mesh weaving, mainly galvanized iron wire, welded iron wire mesh, galvanized square wire mesh, other iron woven wire mesh, stainless steel wire, stainless steel wire mesh, crimped wire mesh, for more: http://www.wiremesh-wanda.com. E-mail: sales@wiremesh-wanda.com

Anping ChangSheng Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd. manufacturer of stainless steel wire mesh,welded wire mesh,brass wire mesh,

HuaYang Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and exporter of wire mesh and screen products in Anping, Hebei Province, China. We have rich experience in weaving stainless steel wire mesh, wire cloth, brass wire mesh, phosphor bronze wire mesh.......http://www.mesh-wire.com

Ruiqilong Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. :manufacturer of stainless steel wire mesh,expanded metal mesh,barbecue grill wire netting and other wire mesh. E-mail: info@rql-wiremesh.com

Peace Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd: supplying fine quality wire and wire mesh products for filtering, sieving, fencing, building and other industries, and has grown to be a source of woven wire mesh to the global market.

Jiu-long Metal Wire Mesh Corporation :is engaged in manufacturing and supplying Hardware Cloth Series Wire Mesh including galvanized square mesh, mild steel wire cloth, stainless steel wire mesh and mosquito wire netting; Fencing Mesh Series including welded mesh, hexagonal mesh and diamond mesh; Mild Steel Wire Products.

Anping Barbed Wire Factory is engaged in producing and distributing barbed wire, razor barbed wire, as well as various wire mesh fences.

Anping Fuhua Razor Barbed Tape Wire Factory : can not only provide razor barbed tape wire products, but also design to meet customers individual demands.

Hebei Shuangan Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd : manufacturer of wire mesh,wire netting,wire cloth, welded wire mesh and stainless steel wire mesh ,filter cloth.

Hengshui Yu-King Hardware & Wire Mesh Company :manufacturer of metal wire mesh ,wire cloth,wire netting,and Barbed Wire ,Stainless Steel Wire ,Galvanized Iron Wire ,PVC Coated Iron Wire Soft Black Iron Wire ,Wire Mesh Processed Products.

Hebei YingKaiMo Wire Mesh Co.: manufacturer of stainless steel wire mesh and brass wire mesh.
E-mail: sales@china-wiremesh.com

Yongsheng Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Co.
is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of stainless steel woven wire mesh (coarse wire mesh) and stainless steel woven wire cloth (micronic wire mesh) in Anping, Hebei Province of China, detail at: http://www.stainless-steel-wire-mesh.com

Anhua Hardware & Mesh Products Co., Ltd:manufactures and exports a variety of metal wire mesh and cloth, as well as conveyer mesh belt, polyester mesh, sieve mesh, and wire mesh machines.

Jin Yuan Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. :manufacturer of Heavy Type Welded Wire Mesh,Standard Welded Wire Mesh,PVC Coated Welded Wire Mesh,Welded Wire Mesh Panels.

Anping YinHe Wire Mesh Co.,:Razor Wire Barbed Tape and Stainless steel wire mesh is our latest product. We produce both straight type razor barbed wire also concertina coil type razor barbed wire, stainless steel razor barbed wire or galvanized iron razor barbed wire tape. Traditional Galvanized Barbed Wire is also available for customers purchase.

Mesh Master Co., Ltd. is specializing in various wire mesh, Galvanized Iron Wire,garden products, iron wire, nails etc.

Anping Wire Mesh Group Corporation, known as Anping County Feihe Wire Mesh Group Co., Ltd now, is a professional company engaged in production and sales of metal wire, wire mesh and processed products, combining wire drawing, mesh weaving and late processing together.

Anping Huan Yu Stainless Wire Mesh Factory
is specialized in weaving stainless steel wire mesh and industrial wire cloth for fine filtration and sieving use. E-mail: info@hy-stainlesswiremesh.com

Anping Jinke Wire mesh
:manufacturer of wire mesh filter discs made of stainless steel wire mesh, brass wire mesh,black wire cloth, etc. E-mail:sales@jinkewiremesh.com

Hebei Fangzheng Wire Mesh Co.
manufacturer of stainless steel wire mesh, brass wire mesh, welded wire mesh, hex. wire mesh and wire netting against mosquito.E-mail: sales@fzwiremesh.com

Anping Wire Mesh Factory : manufacturer of metal wire mesh ,wire cloth,wire netting,and wire mesh machine.

Anji Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. - manufactures stainless steel woven wire mesh, brass wire mesh, and steel iron wire mesh and cloth products.

Hebei Tianxing Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd :manufacturing of various metal wire mesh, also supply metal wire products.


hebei Dongfang wire mesh co.,Ltd: Hebeidongfang wire mesh co., Ltd. http://www.sr-wiremesh.com




HMC Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd.

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We Provide Wire Mesh , Wire Cloth, Stainless Steel Wire Mesh,Nails,and wire mesh machine.
Wire Mesh Catalog
stainless steel wire mesh
dutch weave wire mesh
brass wire mesh
welded wire mesh
black wire cloth
galv. square wire mesh
hexagonal iron wire netting
window screening
galv. barbed iron wire
galvanized iron wire
crimped wire mesh
expanded steel sheet
chain link fencing
other products
Weaving Types
Wire Mesh Machine
CH03 Full Automatic Chain Link Machine
HHM-2 Heavy Twister for Hexagon Meshes
WHO3 Window Screen Looms
Winding Machine
CH Semi-Auto Heavy Pattern-Pressing Wire Net-Weaving Machine


Since 1992, Hengshui Metals Minerals & Chemical Co., Ltd. has been supplying fine quality wire and wire mesh products for filtering, sieving, fencing, building and other industries, and has grown to be a source of woven wire mesh to the global market. Our setting up of branch offices in Cairo of Egypt and Istanbul of Turkey in 2001 marked our specialization in wire mesh export and our capability and strength to become long-term suppliers of wire mesh products to worldwide customers.

HMC Wire Mesh Products mainly include Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, Stainless Steel Wire Cloth, Dutch Wire Mesh, Brass Wire Mesh and Wire Cloth, Phosphor Bronze Wire Mesh and Wire Cloth, Welded Wire Mesh, Black Iron Wire Cloth, Galvanized Square Wire Mesh, Hexagonal Wire Netting, Insect Screening, Galvanized Barbed Wire, Galvanized Iron Wire, Crimped Wire Mesh, Expanded Steel Metal Sheet, Chain Link Fence, also concrete nails and wire mesh further processed products like barbecue grill netting, display shelf and shopping trolley in the supermarket, sifting screen, wire mesh conveyer belt, etc. HMC also supply wire mesh machines.

All our products and services are provided with one aim:
To make our name synonymous with quality, service and competitiveness.
To meet our goals by helping our customers meet theirs.

Major business scope of HMC Wire Mesh Co.:
1, Export of Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, Wire Cloth, Dutch Weave Wire Mesh, Brass Wire Mesh and Other Metal Wire Mesh
2, Export of Metal Wires
3, Export of Iron Nails
4, Export of Wire Mesh Machines

HMC has several close partner factories to produce wire mesh, wire, nail and wire mesh machines for export. These wire mesh factories enjoy rich experiences in producing Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, Brass Wire Mesh, Expanded Metal Mesh, Welded Wire Mesh or nails.

stainless steel wire mesh

Major Weaving Types we supply:
Wire Mesh Plain Weave.
Wire Mesh Twill Weave
Wire Mesh Tabby Plain
Wire Mesh Tabby Twill
These four weaving patterns are the most common one in wire mesh and wire mesh production, especially weaving of stainless steel wire mesh, brass wire mesh, phosphor bronze wire mesh, black wire cloth and Dutch wire cloth.

Add: 6 Ronghua Street, Hengshui City, Hebei Province, P.R.China 053000
Tel: 0086-318-7903110 0086-318-7903111 0086-318-7903112
Fax: 86 318 2124243 7903117


kanglida wire mesh co.,

kanglida wire mesh co., is an well-established manufacturer of wire, wire mesh, wire and mesh processed items. Our talented team of experienced wire mesh technicians and engineers employ the latest technologies to produce quality wire mesh and its processed articles. Our products and services include:

  • Manufacture of Metal Wire
  • Manufacture of Wire Mesh
  • Design and Manufacture of Wire Mesh Processed Items
  • Manufacture of Wire Mesh Machine
  • Export of Above Products

Anping Kangda Wire Mesh Factory


Stainless Steel Wire Mesh (Wire Cloth), Plain Weave


Stainless Steel Wire Mesh( Wire Cloth), Twill Weave


Stainless Steel Wire Mesh ( Wire Cloth), Dutch Weave


Brass Wire Mesh ( Wire Cloth)


Wire Material for Weaving Wire Mesh


Weaving Types


Anping Anxin Wire Mesh Co., Ltd.


Welded Wire Mesh


Brass Woven Wire Cloth























We offer stainless steel wire mesh plain weave from 2 mesh to 400 mesh, twill weave from 250mesh to 400mesh, Dutch weave from 24mesh x 110mesh to 200mesh x 1800mesh. For brass wire mesh, we provide specifications from 2mesh to 220mesh, wire diameter ranging from 1.6mm to 0.05mm. We also manufacture other specifications at requirements of customers. For details of our products,


Address: Anping County, Hengshui City, Hebei Province, P. R. China
Tel: 0086-318-7535468 0086-318-7515877
Fax: 0086-318-7527354
URL: http://www.chinawirenetting.com / http://www.wirenetting.com / http://www.hardwarewirecloth.com
E-mail: info@chinawirenetting.com


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Wire Mesh Catalog
Brass wire mesh
Phosphor bronze wire mesh
Plain steel wire cloth
Gal. square wire mesh
Window screening
Hexagonal wire mesh
Welded wire mesh
Meshes for oil industry
Metal wire mesh discs
Tie Wire
Wire & Other wire mesh


Hebei YingKaiMo Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. is an established company with experienced personnel, state-of-the-art machinery, and renewed innovation enhanced by our well-trained management team. Founded in 1984, YingKaiMo is a specialized manufacturer of wire mesh in North China. Our experience in the manufacture of wire mesh, along with our management team, are able to customize wire mesh and to improve existing products to meet customer's new and use requirements.
YingKaiMo pays much attention to quality management as well as environmental management. In May, 2003, its Quality Management System is certified to meet ISO9001:2000 standard with Production and Sales of Metal Mesh; at almost the same time, its Environmental Management System is awarded the ISO14001 Certificate with The Whole Process of Production and Sales of Metal Mesh and Other Hardware Products.

Give us a call, send us an email or fax, let us know your specific requirements. We assure you of our prompt responses. If you'd like to visit YingKaiMo in person, we'd love to meet with you. Simply give us a call to set up an appointment and we will be pleased to help arrange relative matters.

TEL:0086-318-7526482 0086-318-7523274
FAX:0086-318-7521692 POSTCODE: 053600
URL: http://www.china-wiremesh.com/
E-mail: sales@china-wiremesh.com

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The Third (2003) China Anping International Wire Mesh Fair will be held in Anping of China from October 22 to 24 in 2003. All domestic and overseas merchants are warmly invited to participate in the fair.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need INVITATION, EXHIBITION BOOTH or hotel reservation. You may register by Login or write to information below:
Tel: 86-318-2028059 2020059
Fax: 86-318-2020059
E-mail: fair@wiremeshworld.com

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
Brass Wire Cloth
Dutch Weave Wire Mesh
Mosquito Netting
Galvanized Iron Wire Mesh
Black Wire Cloth
Hexagonal Wire Netting
Welded Wire Mesh
Expanded Metal Plate
Link Chain Fence
Other Products
Anping is famous for its metal wire mesh in China and the world.There are 6700 factories and/or workshops engaged in production of metal wire mesh products and over 70,000 people in production and sales of metal wire mesh.Export quantity of metal wire mesh products from Anping acounts for over half of that of China. The first International (Anping) Wire Mesh Fair was successfully held at Wire Mesh World in October 2001. The fair received totally business visitors over 120000 times from home and abroad, including 168 foreign businessmen from US, Canada, Sweden, Ukraine, Australia, India, Japan, South Korea, Mongolia, Vietnam. Some businessmen from Hong Kong and Taiwan were also present at the first fair. 140 show booths were sold out and 46 buyers were sino-joint ventures and foreign enterprises which took up 35% among all exhibitors. Niu Maosheng, the provincial governor, and Tong Zhiguang, the former chairman of the National Import and Export Bank took part in and congratulated the fair. They earnestly looked around the booths.
Anping Wire Mesh World Production& Sales Co., Ltd, belonging to the Administrative Committee of Anping Wire Mesh World, is the leading wire mesh enterprise in China. With five affiliated factories, our company's main product line can cover 5 series, over 60 varieties and more than 100 specifications such as electric welded mesh, hexagonal wire netting, stainless steel wire mesh, mosquito net and expanded steel plate. ting.com
Add: 3rd Floor, Building of Administrative Committee of Wire Mesh World,Anping County,Hebei,China P.C. 053600
Tel:0086-318-7533128, Fax:0086-318-7533360
E-mail:info@wiremeshworld.com sales@wiremeshworld.com apsw@heinfo.net