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stainless steel wire mesh, galvanized steel wire, welded wire mesh zinc-plating wire


With advanced wire-drawing machinery from Japan, choice stainless steel wire rod of the world, modern management and perfect inspection instruments and means,  Anmeng Wire Plant manufactures full range of stainless steel wire. We also supply various steel wire and zinc-plating wire series.

Main Wire Products:

Application of stainless steel wires: Weaving of wire mesh, drawing of wire, welding of wire, in manufaturing of tie wire, nails and other metal works.

Main Stainless Steel Wire:

Stainless Steel Weaving Wire
Stainless Steel Nail Wire
Stainless Steel Tie Wire
Other Stainless Steel Wire

Stainless Steel Weaving Wire

Anping produces wire mesh about 500 years ago and it is famous as Native Land of Wire in China. We manufacture weaving wire to supply local market, also for abroad.

The characteristics of stainless steel weaving wire are bright surface finish, uniform soft annealed temper and high resistance against corrosion.

We may also take orders of stainless steel wire for weaving mesh with special requirements for tensile strength and elongation. We may also supply stainless steel wire of different materials for different meshes. Following is a few varieties:


Range of stainless steel wire for weaving mesh: wire dia. from 0.10mm to 5.00mm

Wire mesh weaving with stainless steel wire is widely used in chemical, petroleum, medicine, food processing, kitchenwares, medical instruments, paper-making and pulp and conveyor belt industries.

Stainless Steel Nail Wire

Austenite stainless steel contains chrome and nickel, provides excellent corrosion resistance and good hardening property. We choose excellent Austenite stainless steel wire rod to produce stainless steel nail wire with max.shaping without any reduction of its corrosion resistance properties.

Sizes of stainless steel nail wire: wire dia. 1.00mm to 5.00mm

We can offer various ranges of stainless steel nail wires with special tensile strength requirements.

Stainless Steel Tie Wire

Stainless steel tie wire is widely used in a wide applications such as tying pipes and building fences in agricultural garden. By using our tie wire will avoid the trouble of frequent replacement.

Mostly used materials for stainless steel tie wire are AISI (SUS)304(GB0Cr18Ni9), AISI(SUS)304L(GB00Cr19Ni10), AISI(SUS)316(GB0Cr17Ni12Mo2).

Characteristics of stainless steel tie wire:

Smooth clean surface, uniform soft temper, high corrosion resistance, long service life.

Size for stainless steel tie wire: wire dia.0.60mm to 2.5mm.

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Our products: stainless steel wires, steel wire, zinc-plating wire .


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