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Aluminum Mesh, Screen and Grill

  FROM Original Date:2007-02-05 Author :admin

Aluminum Mesh, Aluminum screen, Grill and China Manufacturers

Aluminum (aluminium) mesh can be supplied in expanded sheet or woven aluminum wire mesh. Further processed into aluminum mesh grills, aluminum mesh gutter guard, aluminum gratings, fences or aluminum mesh filters.

Materials: Aluminum or aluminum alloy.
Aluminum application:
Window screening;
Fences, etc.

Window screening made of aluminum mesh and are suitable for indoor, low-voltage applications

Aluminum expanded mesh is supplied in standard, heavy, flattened or special patterns.

Opening of aluminum expanded mesh: Diamond.
Advantages of aluminum expanded mesh: Aluminum expanded metal mesh has many advantages over carbon expanded steel and stainless including lighter weight and better corrosion resistance.

1, Standard rhombic shaped;
2. heavy type (Tortoise-shaped);
3. Flattened aluminum expanded mesh
4, Micron aluminum mesh;
5. Special aluminum metal mesh.

Aluminum Expanded Mesh Micron Opening is mainly used for battery as alternative product for aluminum alloy woven wire netting

Aluminum expanded metal mesh heavy type is used as decorative meshes or as mine sifting mesh.

Flattened aluminum expanded mesh mainly serves ass decoration materials.

Micron aluminum mesh is mainly used in ventilation of air-conditioners, or other uses.

Woven Aluminum Wire Mesh:
We can supply aluminum magnisium Alloy Wire Mesh and Insect Screening.

Aluminum wire mesh is widely used in family decoration, doors and windows against bugs and insects.

Advantages of Aluminum Wire Mesh:

Aluminum mesh has different colors available;

No immigration of materials at normal temperature, no color fading at 120° C;

Aluminum mesh is corrosion resistant, alkali resistant, alkali resistant;

Aluminum mesh is extremely tough and durable;

Aluminum mesh has good flexibility & high strength.

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