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Fencing Panels

  FROM Date:2007-05-16 Author :wiremesh

Fencing Panels

We supply welded wire mesh panels for fencing applications.

Welded Mesh Fencing Panels can be made of galvanized welded wire mesh and plastic coated welded wire mesh. Widely used as expressway fences, high way fences, welded partition fabrics and other fencing panels.

Welded mesh (or welded wire) is used in civil construction as fencing fabrics or as reinforced concrete meshes in reinforced concrete structures.

Welded fencing panel is made up of steel wires arranged in parallel fashion in two orthogonal directions, with the points of contact being welded between the wires by electrical welding process (spot welding) by welding machine.

The raw material for the manufacture of welded wire meshes is the wire through cold rolling or by wire drawing using the hot-rolled wire produced in the steelworks.

Welded Wire Fencing Panels is determined by several data:

Wire Diameter

Surface Treatment

Tensile Breaking Strength


Panel Length and Width

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