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Wire Mesh Slings: Roughneck Chain Mesh Sling

  FROM Original Date:2007-02-28 Author :Glydes

We can supply wire mesh and stainless steel wire mesh slings at following sizes:

Wire gauge: 10, 12.
Sling width: various

Sling length: various or at customers request.
Wire mesh slings can be offered in two different types: heavy-duty wire mesh slings and medium duty slings.
Chain mesh slings can be stainless steel mesh sling or alloy chain mesh sling.

Roughneck mesh slings are specialty slings with particular properties and uses.
Wire mesh sling uses: It is widely used in metalworking shops and steel warehouses where loads are abrasive, hot, or tend to cut web slings.
Standard construction of wire mesh slings: Alloy steel end fittings, zinc plated. Wire Mesh is galvanized
high tensile steel.

Stainless steel chain mesh slings is available for corrosive and hotter environments.


No broken weld or brazed joint along the sling edge;
No broken wire in any part of the chain wire mesh for the sling;
No reduction in wire diameter of 25%;
No lack of flexibility due to distortion of the chain mesh for the sling;
No visible distortion or wear of either end fitting.

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