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Sieve Bend Screen

  FROM www.wiremesh.org Date:2007-03-12 Author :wiremesh

Sieve Bend Screen

We can provide sieve bend screens for mine, chemical and other industrial uses. Our sieve bend screen is supplied in various screen width, slot openings, and the wire size.


Stainless steel 304, 304L, 316, 316L.

Weaving Patterns: Plain woven and twilled woven.
Benefits: Acid resistance, alkali resistance, heat resistance and durability.

Sieve Bend Screen Applications: The screening efficiency and solids capacity are directly related to the length (arc length). Longer arc lengths should be considered for feed containing a high percentage of solids. Screen curvature and arc length are expressed as a segment of a circle.

We offer mainly two degree types:
Sieve Bend 60 Degree;
Sieve Bend 45 Degree.

The effective range of slot openings for a gravity-fed cross flow sieve bend screen is generally considered to be .015" to 1/8".

The installation angle of a sieve bend screen is usually about 60 degrees from the horizon. The point of size separation for this installation angle is approximately 50% of the slot opening size.


Sieve Bend Screens are produced to separate solids from liquids in various applications including sugar, coal Mining, quarrying, food processing, pulp and paper, waste water cleanup, surface water intakes and other industrial uses.  The gravity-fed sieve bend design provides for effective dewatering and allows the solids to slide off the end of the screen surface. Sieve bend screen is also used as filter in urban and industrial waste treatment plants.

Sieve bend screen can be also used in grinding of phosphate rocks due to its application in cement industry and the special structure of sieve bend screen.


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