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Quarry Screen Mesh

  FROM wiremesh.org Date:2007-03-12 Author :

Quarry Screen Mesh: China Manufacturers

We can supply a wide range of wire mesh types for industrial sieves and screens for quarries, mining and chemical industries.

Wire diameter: 0.3mm to 12mm.

Quarry Screen Surface Treatment: Bright galvanized, hot-dipped galvanized, etc.
Sizes: Can be custom made.
Packing of Quarry Screen: It is packed in wooden cases, or as customers request.

Woven Patterns: Woven wire mesh or pre-crimped wire mesh screen.

Variety of Quarry Screen Meshes:
Woven Wire Screen;
Perforated Metal Screen;
Other Materials.

We use good quality wire mesh for quarry screens to ensure constant quality finished products. Our quarry screen mesh offers long service lift and good durability in work.

Woven Wire Quarry Screens:

We supply four types of pre-crimped wire mesh for quarry screens:
Double Crimped Woven Wire Mesh Screen:This mesh is crimped warp and weft, sprung together during the weaving process to provide a rigid mesh.

Corrugated Crimp Wire Mesh Screen:

This mesh has two crimps in warp and weft directions, between the intersections.

This type of weave is used to achieve a rigid mesh when the opening is large relative to wire diameter.

Lock Crimped Quarry Screen:

This mesh is similar to corrugated crimp with an additional crimp either side of the main crimp to give a firmly locked mesh.

This crimp will retain accurate opening throughout the life of the screen.

Pressed Crimp Flat Top Quarry Screen:

This mesh has deep pressed crimps on alternative intersections providing a flat side to the mesh.

Perforated Plates For Quarry Screen:

We supply perforated metal plates for quarry screening material. Perforated metal quarry screen offers endure rough, heavy screening and last longer than most other screening. This kind of quarry screen is available in mild steel and stainless steel.

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