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Filter elements generally may be divided into two classes

  FROM Date:2006-12-25 Author :admin

Filter elements generally may be divided into two  classes—surface  and  depth.  Surface  filters  are made of closely woven fabric or treated paper with a  uniform  pore  size.  Fluid  flows  through  the  pores of  the  filter  material  and  contaminants  are stopped  on  the  filter’s  surface.  This  type  of element is designed to prevent the passage of a high percentage of solids of a specific size. Depth filters, on the other hand, are composed of layers of  fabric  or  fibers  which  provide  many  tortuous paths for the fluid to flow through. The pores or passages must be larger than the rated size of the filter if particles are to be retained in the depth of   the   media   rather   than   on   the   surface. Consequently,  there  is  a  statistical  probability that a rather large particle may pass through a depth-type  filter. Filter  elements  may  be  of  the  5-micron,  woven mesh, micronic, porous metal, or magnetic type. The  micronic  and  5-micron  elements  have noncleanable  filter  media  and  are  disposed  of when  they  are  removed.  Porous  metal,  woven mesh,  and  magnetic  filter  elements  are  usually designed  to  be  cleaned  and  reused.

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