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Candle Filter Elements

  FROM wire-product.com Date:2007-02-10 Author :team02

Made of fine woven wire mesh as filtration media, stainless steel candle filters are usually for polymer melt filtration system.

Filter Media: Stainless steel filter wire cloth and sintered fiber web.

Variety: Plain candle filters or pleated candle filters. Pleated candle filter offers larger filtration area compared with plain filters.

Candle filter element can be reused. It should be removed, cleaned and reinstalled at scheduled intervals or when it becomes dirty. Replace it with new elements when the currently one cannot be properly cleaned or is damaged.


Processes involved:
Stamping and perforating of the support sheet, shearing of wire mesh and stainless steel sheets, machining of caps and other accessories for the filter elements, welding of the multi-layer sheets, slitting of the filter media, assembling of the parts, pleating of the sheets, acid washing of the filter elements and other processes necessary.

For more information about canble filters, go to http://www.filterelement.net or send email to: wiremeshorg@hotmail.com

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