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Brass and Phosphor Bronze Wire Mesh

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Anping Wire Mesh Factory is an exporter and manufacturer of metal wire mesh and metal wire cloth strictly in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Standard. Our company is located in the Native Land of Wire Mesh, Wire Mesh Market of Great Wire Mesh World, Anping County, Hebei, China.

Brass and Phosphor Bronze Wire Mesh

Material: Brass wire, copper wire and phosphor bronze wire.

Copper Wire :Copper wire offers excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. It is non-magnetic, anti-sparking and is resistant to atmospheric corrosion, salt air and brine.Copper applications are limited due to its low tensile strength, poor resistance to abrasion and common acids.
Brass Wire : High brass (70% copper, 30% zinc) wire and low brass (80% copper, 20% zinc) wire have much better abrasion resistance, better corrosion resistance and lower electrical conductivity when compared to copper wire.
Phosphor Bronze Wire : This copper-tin (4% to 9% tin, approximately 0.25% phosphorous with the balance copper) alloy wire is corrosion, wear and tear resistant was frequently used in the past for fine mesh cloth.

Brass wire cloth is excellent for marine and out of door applications because of its immunity to rust and salt solutions. Brass wire mesh and cloth is an ideal mesh for fabricating gasoline filters and baskets fro electropolishing. It possesses greater strength than copper or bronze.

Copper wire cloth: The primary usages of copper in wire cloth are in these applications requiring corrosion resistance, electrial and thermal conductivity, spark resistance and non-magnetic properties. Copper wire cloth finds wide usage in traveling water screens, radio frequency interference shielding, sugar and marine applications.



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