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Weld Mesh

  FROM weld-mesh.com Date:2007-02-10 Author :admin

Welded Mesh is one of the most versatile of industrial wire products and has innumerable applications throughout all types of industry. MultiMesh specialise in Stainless Steel mesh but also manufacture and stock a wide range of meshes in Mild Steel and Galvanised Steel to suit most applications. As manufacturers we can make special meshes and wire products to order and have a framing and fabricating service.

Stainless Steel Welded Mesh
for greater life and higher quality
for cleanliness and hygiene
for rustproof qualities
Welded Mesh for  - Industry
for safety
for security
for storage
Welded Mesh for  - Building
for guarding
for reinforcement
for rendering
Welded Mesh for  - Agriculture and Horticulture
for pens, cages and aviaries
for feedracks
for screening and sizing


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