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  FROM hosewire.com Date:2007-01-24 Author :admin

We can supply steel wire for rubber hose reinforcement. Wire diameters range normally from 0.18mm to 2.00mm. We have imported test equipment to control the tensile strength and other properties of the steel wire. Hose wire is manufactured according to BS, ASTM, EN, IEC or customers' specific specification. Mainly used to reinforce for different variety of rubber soft hoses.


High pressure rubber hoses normally take steel wire as reinforcement materials. The strengthened steel wire layer can be

classified into woven steel wire layer or wire twisted layer, while the later offers higher property.

M & M Hose Wire Factory can supply hose wire in single piece or stranded wire, round hose wire or flat wire. According to the different applications, the steel wire for rubber hoses can be copper coated, zinc coated or bronze coated to enhance the adhesive property with the rubber.

We are the top hose wire manufacturer in North China, mainly supplying hose steel wire with the diameter of 0.25mm to 1.8mm, the tensile strength is classified as three grades:2150-2450,2450-2750,2750-3050N/mm2, the torsion value is more than 50 times, and knotting strength is more than 58%. The weight of brass coating is more than 3.0g/kg.

M & M is experienced manufacturer and exporter of hose wire in China. We are committed to providing good quality, quick delivery and services. You can count on our expert for quality hose wire and count on M & M. For detail information of our hose wire, please contact us.



E-mail: sales@china-hosewire.com


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