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Barbed Wire

  FROM razorwire.cn Date:2007-01-05 Author :admin

China Manufacturer of Barbed Wire and Razor Wire: Your Choice for Safety Fences and Security Fences

GuangDa Razor Barbed Wire Factory mainly produces and supplies razor wire and barbed wire, at the same time, we also supply barbed wire machine and razor wire making machine, galvanized wire, annealed wire, tie wire, coil wire and spool wire for customers.

GuangDa Razor Barbed Wire Factory is a professional manufacturer of razor wire and barbed wire with experienced team in this field. Besides supplying some common specifications provided in this site, we can also custom products according to your specific requirements.

Our products are mainly three categories: Barbed Wire and Razor Wire of various types and specifications; machines for making barbed wire and razor wire; galvanized wire and other wire products.

 We believe in long-term cooperation and effective communication. For specific information, you may click on our related links in this site. For any inquiries, send email to us now.

   Barbed Wire    Razor Wire

Varieties of Barbed Wire:
Galvanized Barbed Iron Wire
PVC Coated Barbed Wire
Single Twist Barbed Wire
Double Twist Barbed Wire

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Varieties of Razor Wire:
Straight Razor Wire
Concertina Coils
Galvanized Razor Wire
Stainless Steel Razor Wire

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