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Sludge Dewatering Belt: Polyester Belt and Other Industrial

  FROM Original Date:2007-02-03 Author :admin

Polyester Belt:

Sludge dewatering belt made of polyester screen mesh is mainly used in waste water treatment plants.
Materials: Polyester mesh.
Sludge dewatering belt features: 
Good air and water permeation
Not allowing the sludge.
Sludge dewatering belt width: various convenient sizes for customers requirements.
Belt length: at your request.

Besides used in sludge dewatering treatment, polyester mesh belt can be also used in printing screen, washing of coal or paper pulp and other industrial belts.

Polyester belt can be supplied in different woven types:
Polyester spiral mesh screen;
Polyester dryer screen;
Polyester forming screen fabric;
Fine woven polyester mesh;
Rough woven polyester mesh.

We can also supply stainless steel woven wire mesh printing screen.

For more information about polyester mesh belt and manufacturers, send emal: wiremeshorg@hotmail.com


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