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Polyester Screen Mesh

  FROM Original Date:2007-01-18 Author :Glydes

Polyester mesh, polyester screen, polyester industrial mesh belt products and China Manufacturers:

We can supply polyester mesh for industrial mesh belt and as printing screen.  

Polyester mesh twill woven for printing screen:

Length of rolls:
50 meters
Width: 150 cm

Uses: This type of polyester printing screen is used on the upper plate of presses as final cover or upper layer.

Polyester Printing Screen Mesh: Smooth Type

Screen Roll Length:
50 meters
Mesh Screen Width: 150 cm

Uses: This kind of polyester mesh is used on ironing tables and presses as final cover.

Polyester Mesh Printing Screen, Fine Type:

Screen Length:
50 meters
Mesh Screen Width: 105 cm

Uses: Fine polyester mesh is used for printing screen on ironing tables as upper layer or lower filter layer.

Standard Polyester Mesh Screen:
Mesh Screen Length of rolls:
50 meters
Screen Width: 150 cm

Uses: Standard polyester mesh is used as standard upper layer or exhausting filter.

Polyester Mesh Belt Series
Polyester spiral mesh screen:
Polyester spiral mesh is made from first-class monofilament.
Advantages of Polyester Mesh:
Polyester mesh offers flat surface, not easily cracked;
Polyester screen offers good air permeability;
Polyester screen offers stable property against heat and moisture;
Polyester mesh screen offers low thermal shrinking;
Polyester mesh screen offers less elongation at heat;
Polyester mesh screen offers long lifespan.

Application of Our Polyester Mesh Products:
Polyester Spiral Desiccation Mesh is widely used in producing of paper, corrugated paper, paper for train fare, also used in filtration and sieving in environmental protection, pharmaceutical, mine, metallurgy, machinery, airspace and other fields.

Polyester Dryer Screen

Polyester Dryer Screen Series Products

Polyester dryer screen mesh can be divided into three sheds and four sheds according to weaving patterns and it can be divided into one and half mesh, double layer mesh and flat dryer mesh according to varieties.

We can also offer polyester forming mesh fabrics and polyester bolting cloth for worldwide customers.

To contact polyester wire screen mesh of China, contact: wiremeshorg@hotmail.com


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