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Polyester Dryer Fabrics (Spiral Type)

  FROM Original Date:2007-02-28 Author :Glydes

Polyester Spiral Dryer  Fabric :
Material: Polyester monofilament.
Uses and Features:
Polyester spiral dry screen is mainly used in the dryness part of paper-making machines, drying process of printing and dyeing and other industrials.

Polyester Spiral Filter Screen:
This kind of polyester mesh is made of polyester spiral dryer fabric which is filled with stuff to reduce the air permeation and to intensitive the opening, hence to reduce the material loss from the mesh opening. Polyester spiral filter screen is mainly used in sludge desiccation, paper pulp washing, coal washing, chemicals, dehydration of wine bran, vinegar bran dehydration and other industries. It is better in the high ventilation part of the dryness part of paper-making machine .

General specification of dryer fabrics:
According to the weaving, it can be divided into three or four shed; According to the types it can be divided into one and half layer or double layers; According to joining, it can be divided into seamless, spiral ring and pin joining;
3-shed one layer and a half fabric is suitable for drying papers below 70g;
4-shed double layer fabric is suitable for drying papers above 70g.

It is suitable for making paperboard, kraft paper, tissue paper, ticket paper etc. It also can be used in coal mine, food and medicine industry as the conveyor belt of the equipments.


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