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copper perforated sheet

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Anping PuRuiSe Expanded Metal Factory can process and supply expanded metals in a wide range of metal sheets materials:

Carbon steel;
Stainless steel;
Other alloy.

Expanded metal is available in diamond opening type, round opening, square opening, etc.
Rhombic Shaped is the standard expanded metal, also named diamond shaped. Diamond mesh expanded metal is made by cold deformation of raw material by expanding, form a surface with diamond openings.
Expanded and micro-expanded metals are alternatives to wire netting and wire meshes, considering that mesh opening range goes from 30 mm up to mm 0.15

Available in rolls and panels, for customers requirements.
Sizes: Length and width of panels can be made according to the customers' requirements.

Standard expanded metal products can be made from a wide range of metal materials, widely used as protection fences, screens for window of cars, basket handrails, battery netting, satellite aerials, reinforcement materials, filtration materials and other uses.





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