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Perforated Metal Screen

  FROM original Date:2007-01-25 Author :admin

Perforated metal screen sheet:
Perforated sheet is available in following patterns:
Decorative pattern.

Perforated metal screen is offered in different materials and can be classified as:
Aluminum perforated metals;
Stainless steel perforated metal;
Carbon steel perforated metal;
Brass perforated metal;
Other perforated sheets.

Perforated metals are mainly used in oil field drilling, mine screening, engineering, sifting of grains, decorations and designs of buildings. Perforated metal sheet is used for oil filters, as fencing screen for expressway, railway and other construction facilities, constructions and sound isolation sheet, decorative sheet for stairs, environmental tables and chairs, sifting in grains, feed and mines. Perforated metal screen sheet is also used in making of kitchenware such as fruit basket, food cover, etc.


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