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Perforated Metal Sheets

  FROM wirenetting.com Date:2007-01-05 Author :wiremesh

Perforated Metal Screen for Architecture :
We make perforated material used for covers, outdoor furniture, acoustic panel, exterior and interior cladding, ventilation, air conditioning systems, suspended ceilings, interior heating, guards, door, wall, and ceiling panels that are beautiful as well as functional.Perforated Metal for Noise Control:
We make specialized panels and components out of perforated metal mesh for sound baffles engineered to exacting tolerances, which are used to control, unwanted sound in public, professional, and technological spaces.

Perforated round hole pattern is the most popular products. 60o Degree Staggered Centers round hole are the most popular of all pattern types because of their inherent strength, their multitude of varied open areas, and their attractive appearance. An alternate to the standard patterns is 45o degree staggered centers. Straight center round hole patterns are available in various sizes and open areas. They are however the weakest of the round hole pattern.
Perforated square hole can provide a greater percent open area than round holes, but are relatively low in strength, thus making them ideal for application requiring good visibility .So it is widely used for shop fitting display and machine guards offering good visibility.

Perforated slot hole pattern has elongated holes with rounded or square ends. Round - slot, side staggered patterns are particularly well suited to sorting and grading solids that flow over the width dimension of the material, and straight patterns are ideal for sorting and grading solids when used in a shaking application.

The uses for decorative perforated metal are endless. It is ideally suited for a wide range of architectural and design applications. Many customers use decorative metal to make cabinets, backgrounds, walls, furniture etc. There are numerous kinds of decorative types to choose from.



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