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Rib Lath

  FROM original Date:2007-05-17 Author :wiremesh

Rib Lath Made by China Manufacturers

Expanded Metal Lath has stiffening V ribs providing strength for its tensile force. Stiffened by longitudinal ribs, expanded rib lath gives a uniform coat depth for large areas.

Highly Rib Lath provides an excellent plaster base. It's ideal for providing a high degree key of mechanical bonding with plaster or render.
It is widely used as a background for plaster, render, stucco application in construction of suspended ceilings partition.

Rib lath we supply is available in plain or “V” rib embossed self-furred diamond mesh lath

Rib-lath is expanded metal-lath stiffened with longitudinal ribs. The furring design of the mesh provides efficient background plaster for construction

We can supply galvanized high rib lath - Straight, heavy, longitudinal ribs, full 3/8' high rib lath ideal for wider spans on walls and ceilings.

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