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Galvanised wire mesh

  FROM http://www.ninthwiremesh.com Date:2007-01-04 Author :admin

Anping No.9 Wire Mesh Factory

Anping No.9 Wire Mesh Factory is experienced in producing galvanized wire mesh of full range of roll sizes, opening, wire diameter and various wire materials.

According to materials, we can offer electric galvanized welded wire mesh; hot-dip galvanized welded wire mesh and welded stainless steel wire mesh.

According to the wire diameter and opening, we can offer standard welded wire mesh or heavy type welded wire mesh.

Differernt processing means we offer for your choice include: hot-dip galvanized welding wire mesh; hot-dip galvanized before welding wire mesh; electric-galvanised after welding wire mesh; electric-galvanised before welding wire mesh.

We are an international mining supply company that specialise in procurement and logistics for remote mine sites, please view our website for a better understanding.
We are currently seeking a supplier of galvanised wire mesh for mining ground support applications. The sizes we require may not suit your manufacturing facilities however if you believe you can assist, please reply. Listed are the sizes we require for just one of the bigger users here in Australia with a turnover of approximately $1 000 000 AUD/month.
Also listed is the expected budget usage for one 2007 for one of our clients in Europe.

Required mesh:

GALVANISED MESH (100mm x 100mm x 5.6mm)

6 mtr x 2.4 mtr

6 mtr x 1.7 mtr

4.5 mtr x 2.4 mtr

4.5 mtr x 1.7 mtr

4 mtr x 2.4 mtr

4 mtr x 1.7 mtr

3 mtr x 2.4 mtr

Budget 2007: Galv mesh 1.7 mtr x 3 mtr...9937 sheets.


3 mtr x 47mm

2.4 mtr x 47mm

1.8 mtr x 47mm

Company: HeBei Anping No.9 Wire Mesh Factory

Add: West of Anping Town, South of Zhengrao Road, Anping, Hengshui, Hebei, China.

Postcode: 053600

Tel: +86-318-7533518; +86-318-7533558

Fax: +86-318-7533828

Url: http://www.ninthwiremesh.com
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