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Fibre Glass Mesh

  FROM wiremesh.mobi Date:2007-03-25 Author :wiremesh

Fibre Glass Mesh:

We can provide first-class fibre glass mesh screening and excellent services for worldwide customers. We can also develop different fiberglass screening products like sunshade, portiere and so on.

Fibre glass window screen, is made of glass fiber by the means of filament plastic-coating process. Fiberglass screen is plain weaving, and high temperature-fixing.

Fibre glass screen features: The fiberglass insect screening is well ventilate, easy washing, anticorrosive, resistant to burn, with stable shape, long service life and feels straight.

Fiberglass screening application: Fiberglass screening is widely used for all sorts of airy installation preventing insects and mosquito in construction, orchard, ranch, etc.


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