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Fiberglass Insect Screen

  FROM fiberglassinsectscreen.net Date:2007-04-28 Author :wiremesh

Fiber Glass Insect Screen

Fiberglass Insect Screen:


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Fiberglass Insect Screen
[PROPERTIES] 1.Ventilative for sun shade; 2.Easy washing, anticorrosive, resistance to burn, stable-shape, long service life and feels straight; 3.No smell or any odor; 4.Fire retardant. [TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION] Standard Sizes:20x20mesh, 20x18 mesh, 18x18 mesh, 18x16 mesh, 18x14 mesh, 16x16 mesh, 16x14 mesh, 14x14 mesh. Color Available: Gray,... Insect Screen [APPLICATION] 1.Fiberglass insect screen is the important fiber glass products offered by us. We also offer  fibreglass, glassfiber, screen , mesh , tape , net , etc.

Posted on (04 Mar 2007)
[Categories : Doors & Windows, Fiberglass, Fireproof Materials, Heat Insulation, Fiberglass]

[Keywords : fiberglass, fibreglass, glassfiber, screen, mesh, tape, net]

Installed on windows and door openings it prevents access to all type of insects allowing ventilation
Light and very resistant, with ornamental mesh 
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1,5x1,5 mm    Brand new insect screen made of PP co-polymer, light and very resistant, with a regular and ornamental mesh. Cheap and easy to shape, it is suitable for house windows as well as for small countryside buildings.  
5 years guarantee

(m) colour prod.
code  EAN
  1.00x5 Green 72010106 8002929032317
  1.00x5 Grey 72010108 8002929012814
Off the roll cut 
(m) colour prod.
code  EAN
   1.00x50 Green 1A040403 8002929069634
   1.00x50 Grey 1A040399 8002929069597
   1.00x50 White 1A040401 8002929069610
Light and easy to shape, it may be adapted to the dimensions of any structure. It is installed by fastening it with the special TENAX staples to supports or wooden frames.

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insect screening
PP co-polymer
insect screening 
insect screening


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