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Security Fencing

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Security Fencing


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When chain link is just not enough...fence system, provides physical perimeter security fencing with an ATTITUDE. The first innovation in this field in approximately 35 years is made from a solid sheet of HSLA steel that is simultaneously slit and stretched into a rigid diamond shaped mesh design allowing good visibility and light passage.

A formidable barrier is created offering strength, resistance and durability that provides delay, detection, deterrence and ample response time by authorities. A barrier can be created using mesh with smaller diamonds and wider strands that is very difficult to cut, climb or crawl under.

Fence can be constructed as a new fence or to retrofit an existing fence and is available in Maximum or Medium Security.

Wind Load Fence Post Calculator 

Security fencing has been installed and successfully performed in numerous types of high security installations.
Deter access to:

Railroad’s right of way
The U.S. Border from Mexico
Preventing theft from:

Home Center garden shops
Distribution and manufacturing centers
Copper from Utility Companies
Correctional Applications:

Juvenile detention centers, especially those not permitted to use barbed tape. 
The inherent quality of Secura Mesh’s design with openings so small makes climbing virtually impossible.

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