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Expanded Metal

  FROM Internet Date:2007-01-30 Author :admin

1.Advantages of Expanded Metals
2.China expanded metal manufacturers

You have searched the Internet for a product, for which expanded metal can basically also be used. We advise you here, which expanded metal is suitable and invite you to request a sample and a comparison quote.
You will be amazed at what is possible with expanded metal:

Compared with Perforated Sheet, Advantages of expanded metal:

High variability with free cross-section
Two-dimensional (flat-rolled) or three-dimensional (structured) designs possible
Why expanded metal, instead of perforated sheet? Simply because it’s less expensive! And uses less material!

Up to a thickness of 3.0 mm we can flat-roll almost all expanded metal. You receive a product that is flat as perforated sheet. In this sense, almost all expanded metal can be identical to perforated sheet.

Why is expanded metal cheaper than perforated sheet? Because expanded metal is manufactured without loss of material, thus maximizing utilization of the pre-material.

Expanded metal offers you much more freedom of design with respect to the cross-section. Free surfaces of 4% up to approx. 90% can be represented with expanded metal.

Especially for perforated sheet with Rv and Qg perforation, we have designed the products Experf and Squaremesh (or Q-Mesh). The appearance and size of the holes approximate perforated sheet (e.g. Rv5-8 = E10). Naturally, the expanded metal is available in rolls.

 Wire cloth, wooven wire mesh
Advantages of expanded metal:

Greater stability
Homogeneous surface
No loose wire ends
The use of micromesh or fine-mesh expanded metal prevents the edge separation typical with wire products and thus, depending on the specific application, can also prevent critical malfunctions. Even lateral forces that can adversely affect the function of meshes cannot influence the stability of expanded metal. Quick setup times and ideal utilization of the prematerial also frequently allow for price advantages compared to metal cloth materials.

Knitted aluminum mesh
Advantages of expanded metal:

Filtafoil is our alternative to aluminum knitted mesh and is used as a filtering medium. Technical functional elements can also be produced with this material.
Filtafoil prevents loose wire ends from separating during cleaning of filters.
The filter accessories don’t have to be purchased in the "hose" form typical for knitted wire mesh, but are delivered instead as series production.

  Corrugated grating, wire grating, bar grating, double bar grating, welded wire mesh
Advantages of expanded metal:

Expanded metal is much easier to cut and fold.
Expanded metal has no weld seams.
Expanded metal is not limited to fixed grid dimensions.
Large selection of mesh sizes and styles
Free cross-section is freely selectable
No unstable edges

Compared with Grating, Advantages of expanded metal:

Large selection of mesh sizes
Also available in stainless steel
Slip-resistant or slip-proof design through profiling of the mesh
Simple to manufacture without welding
Expanded metal is especially suitable in applications where pre-manufactured standard steps and grids cannot be used.  We offer a large selection of stable, slip-resistant and slip-proof mesh designs that are used throughout Europe. Our safety steel expanded metal, with a thickness of 6.0 mm and profiled lands, is an ideal covering for loading ramps and can withstand even heavy loads.

Architectural wire cloth, wire rope structures
Advantages of expanded metal:

Expanded metal is cheaper;
Expanded metal has greater versatility of design;
Expanded metal has higher stability ;
Expanded metal has larger selection of usable materials;
Expanded metal is formable.

So-called architectural wire cloth is among the most expensive solutions that can be used in architecture. Functionally, and aesthetically, expanded metal fulfills the same requirements, yet at only a fraction of the cost. 

Expanded metal also allows the use of other materials, such as copper or zinc.

Unlike wire rope or cloth, expanded metal allows subsequent operations, e.g. folding. Colored coatings are also possible.

With its inherent stability, expanded metal places fewer requirements on the (sub) structure.

For China expanded metal manufacturers, send email to: wiremeshorg@hotmail.com or visit: www.china-hshui.com , www.china-hshui.com , www.wiremesh.org
Expanded metal is available in aluminum mesh, steel mesh, stainless steel, nickel, titanium, brass and micronmesh.

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