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Black Iron Wire

  FROM hebei-wiremesh.com Date:2007-01-07 Author :admin

We offer black iron wire as one of the most economic wire materials for wire mesh weaving, welding, binding, and other uses.

Wire Material: Carbon steel wire.

Color: Plain black.

Treatment: Plain oil painted.

Forms available: Coil wire, spooled wire, big package wire, U type wire, cut wire, etc.

Sizes: Various wire diameters.

PVC Coated Iron Wire:

Wire Materials: Low carbon steel wire, galvanized steel wire or annealed wire

PVC Coated Wire Features: PVC coated iron wire offers excellent corrosion resistance and anti-aging property and longer service life compared with common galvanized iron wire.

Colors Available: Different colors of plastic coating are available. Green coated iron wire, grey coated iron wire, black coated iron wire or yellow coated.

Uses of PVC Coated Iron Wire: As tie wire or wire ties.


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