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Architecture Wire Mesh

  FROM www.galvanized-wire-china.com Date:2007-01-04 Author :kan

We can supply specially woven architectural wire meshes.

Materials Applied: Stainless steel, brass, copper and metal alloys.
Wire mesh fabrics can be woven wire cloth or perforated metal screen.

Perforated Metal Screen for Architecture :
We make perforated material used for covers, outdoor furniture, acoustic panel, exterior and interior cladding, ventilation, air conditioning systems, suspended ceilings, interior heating, guards, door, wall, and ceiling panels that are beautiful as well as functional.Perforated Metal for Noise Control:
We make specialized panels and components out of perforated metal mesh for sound baffles engineered to exacting tolerances, which are used to control, unwanted sound in public, professional, and technological spaces.

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