Ansheng Wire Mesh Product Co., Ltd. is well known for its nickel wire products. We can supply quality nickel wire, nickel wire mesh and nickel-copper alloy (NiCu30Fe) wire cloth Dutch weave, while most for export to Germany, Singapore and other countries and regions. Please refer to table below for specification of nickel wire mesh.

Nickel Wire Mesh

Mesh Wire Diameter (mm)
20meshx20mesh 0.18
40meshx40mesh 0.15
60meshx60mesh 0.12
80meshx80mesh 0.10
100meshx100mesh 0.08
120meshx120mesh 0.07
140meshx140mesh 0.07
160meshx160mesh 0.055
180meshx180mesh 0.05
200meshx200mesh 0.05
124meshx84mesh 0.08


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