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Wire Mesh Shelving for Storage and Retail Display

  FROM Date:2007-09-05 Author :wiremesh

Wire Mesh Shelving for Storage and Retail Display

Wire mesh shelves are a kind of wire fabricated daily use products. We supply various sizes of wire mesh shelvings for export by welding the wire mesh fabric and poles together.

Foldable or fixed type wire mesh shelvings are for your choice.
Fabrics can be stainless steel wire mesh, galvanized carbon steel mesh, or other alloy wire meshes.

Layers available: 2 layer, 3 layer or more. According to your requirements.

Main Applications: For display good for retail sale in stores, for storage at home, etc.

Wire shelving finishes can be stainless steel, galvanizing or PVC coating.

For more information, go to Metech Welded Mesh Inc. or send email to: weldedmesh001@yahoo.com


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