Expanded Metal Manufacturer of China: Ruiqilong Expanded Metal

Ruiqilong is a professional manufacturer of expanded metal products in China. We have first-class expanded metal machines to produce light expanded metal and heavy expanded metal sheets. A variety of designs are available for your choice.

Expanded Metal Materials:

Expanded metal products are available in a variety of metal materials, typically aluminum expanded metal, carbon steel expanded metal, stainless expanded metal, brass expanded metal, nickel expanded, titanium expanded, also expanded metal in precious metal like silver, gold, etc.


Expanded Metal Patterns:

Expanded Metal can be processed in different opening shapes, typically as: standard rhombic shape; heavy type Tortoise-shaped expanded metal, also known as hexagonal shape; flattened; and some special shapes or designs.

Variety of Expanded Metal According to Treatment:

Galvanized expanded metal; oxidized expanded metal; PVC coated expanded metal; flattened expanded metal and expanded metal products with special treatment according to customers requirements.


Variety of Expanded Metal According to Application:

Expanded metal fencing, expanded metal grating, expanded metal screen, decorative expanded metal and so on.


Expanded Aluminum:

Expanded Aluminum Metal has many advantages over carbon expanded steel and stainless including lighter weight and better corrosion resistance.
Expanded Aluminum Metal Variety according to patterns:

1,Expanded Aluminum Metal, Standard Rhombic Shaped
2,Expanded Aluminum Metal, Heavy Type (Tortoise-shaped)
3,Expanded Aluminum Metal, Flattended Type
4,Micron Expanded Metal in Aluminum Foil
5,Expanded Aluminum Metal, Special Types

Description of Different Patterns:

Standard Diamond Shape Expanded Metal:

Rhombic Shaped Expanded Metal is the standard expanded metal products, also named diamond shaped. Standard expanded metal products can be made from a wide range of metal materials, widely used as protection fences, screens for window of cars, basket handrails, battery netting, satellite aerials, reinforcement materials, filtration materials and other uses


Heavy Hexagon Shape (Tortoise-shape) Expanded Metal:

Heavy Type Hexagon Shaped Expanded Metal, also known as Tortoise-shaped expanded metal, is a heavy-type expanded metal, reinforced compared with the regular diamond shaped expanded matal products. Heavy type expanded metal products are ideal for uses in plants, shipmaking, mineral sifting, flooring, grating, groove cover, conveying, side passages for conveyors and cranes, fences and decoration of buildings.

Flattened Shape Expanded Metal:

Flattened Expanded Metal can serve as a kind of substitute for perforated metal materials, find most uses as fences, windows decoration, ventilation devices, shelves, racks, cages and some decoration purposes.

Special Patterns and Designs

Ruiqilong can produce special patterns, designs or sizes at customers request.

Expanded Metal Sizes:



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